Low dose medicines

Low dose medicines

Guna medicines represent an integrative therapy, which is effective on both the inherent causality and symptomatic treatments. More than 70 low dose medicines are FDA listed and manufactured by Guna S.p.a.

Guna low dose medicines are unique, due to the ingredients, the specific dilutions and the special manufacturing process. These medicines refer to the so-called Physiological Regulating Medicine (or Guna Method) and are designed according to a specific criterion: “the structure of Guna low dose medicines reflects the etiopathogenesis of the disease”.
Physiological Regulating Medicine represents the most up-to-date integration of conventional medicine and low dose medicine. The Guna Method includes the most recent knowledge about Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology (PNEI), Molecular Biology and Nutrition; its innovative therapeutic approach is inspired by evidence-based low dose medicine.

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