Social Responsibility

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Our most important duty in terms of social responsibility is to produce and market effective, scientifically tested, medicines that are free of side effects.

We are aware that the goal of a company is to make a profit and expand, and it would be disingenuous of us to claim that we are any different. However, we believe there is a business model that reconciles the interests of the business with those of the public. With GUNA, we can say that the interests of the public coincide with the interests of our business interests.

Our business strategies are socially responsible and are not an added cost for our customers.

Zero Impact

Beginning in 2008 we have participated in Zero Impact®, the LifeGate project that calculates, reduces, and offsets CO2 emissions generated by activities, products, services and events. They also contribute to the creation, care and protection of forests growing both in Italy and across the world.

Zero Impact® has enabled us to understand the environmental impact of our business, to promote our sustainability path, and to offset our CO2 emissions. Our partnership with Zero Impact®  helps create and protect forests in Costa Rica. 

No Patent

We have taken firm decisions in regards to copyright and the protection of our intellectual property, including the results of our scientific research. To learn more we recommend reading the short note on the “No Patent” manifesto.