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Our commitment to our patients

At GUNA, we are well aware that we have a dual responsibility to promote health products tailored to the needs of patients and doctors while complying in full with all process quality regulations.

High quality standards, environmental consciousness, and improving customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business approach.

We believe that paying close attention to all our business partners, looking after them, and taking responsibility for them, is crucial to continuing our success in the future.

ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

An effective Integrated Quality Management System guarantees compliance with international industry standards and contributes to the optimisation of processes and the improvement of product quality, always with respect for the environment and the health of our employees.

G.M.P. good manufacturing practice

We manufacture our products according to the highest quality standards, closely adhering with Good Manufacturing Practices. In addition, we use cutting-edge technology for our product production.

We also utilize risk management tools in order to minimize risks. We integrate our quality management system with Good Manufacturing Practices, focusing on both safe production and technological innovation.

All raw materials, components, and finished products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure they are compliant with all requirements and that they safe for our business partners.

Code of Ethics

Our quality management system establishes the requirements and characteristics that our suppliers and partners must possess. In addition, there is added focus on suppliers and entities that directly influence the quality of the product, such as suppliers of raw materials, packaging materials, and third-party products used in production.

To support this procedure we have drafted our “Code of Ethics”, which we ask all prospective partners to abide by in order to maintain a “top quality supply chain” from the first process through to the last.