Physiological Nutraceuticals

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Physiological Nutraceuticals

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Guna: Healthy Lifestyle

Thanks to years of research in human physiology and nutrition and to its strong commitment, Guna has developed a method called Physiological Nutraceutics, inspired by the principles of quality, vitality, safety and respect for human physiology.

Physiological Nutraceutics is mainly focused on the gastrointestinal system and its fundamental role in many body functions. Apart from having a leading role in the absorption of nutrients and water, it also acts as a defensive “barrier” against external pathogens, and thus contributes to keep the whole body healthy.

That is why Guna nutraceuticals support the physiological immune defenses and promote physical and mental well-being.

Together with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, they help keeping physical, mental, emotional balance, and achieving a harmonious state of health, beauty and vitality. That’s to say, GUNA Lifestyle.