Physiological Nutraceuticals

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Proper nutrition is a milestone for the balance of the body’s health and it is known that the production processes of the modern food industry often does not provide a sufficiently balanced food intake of several essential nutrients to maintain and regulate our body’s wellness. Some minor ailments can indeed be signs of an unbalanced diet.

Over the last decade, a more and more deep knowledge in the physiological and nutritional field led to an innovative approach: PHYSIOLOGICAL NUTRACEUTICALS.

GUNA research has designed this new method based on the principles of quality, vitality, respect of human physiology, safety and customization, developing exclusive formulas of food supplements characterized by clinically documented efficacy and safety.

GUNA Physiological Nutraceuticals acts primarily on the gastrointestinal system, as the latter carries out numerous essential functions for the entire body, such as the absorption of nutrients and water and the regulation of the immune “barrier”, helping to effectively restore its original state of health as well as to maintain homeostasis.