For the temporary relief of symptoms due to Balance disorders and Motion Sickness such as: lightheadedness, dizziness, vertigo.

  • Category: Low dose medicines
  • Product ID: 260


Active ingredients & Purposes:

Adrenalinum 6X_____Metabolic Support

α-ketoglutaricum acidum 6X_____Metabolic Support

Ambra grisea 6X_____Dizziness

Artery 6X_____Supports Blood Flow Through Vessels

Cerebellum 6X_____Monitors Posture

Chininum salicylicum 6X_____Fatigue

Cocculus indicus 4X_____Dizziness

Conium maculatum 3X_____Dizziness

Fumaricum acidum 6X_____Anti-inflammatory

Malic acid 6X_____Metabolic Support

Melatonin 4C_____Hormonal Support

Petroleum 8X_____Dizziness

Placenta totalis 6X_____Supports Blood Flow

Pteridium aquilinum 8X_____Detoxification

Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 6X_____Metabolic Support

Quinhydrone 6X_____Metabolic Support

Tabacum 6X_____Dizziness

Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X_____Metabolic Support


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