Situations of strong distress as well as physical or mental emergency?

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M.F.P. (Master Flower Pattern) of Relax – No Stress

Optimal, synergistic and complementary combination of Bach Flowers that are appropriate to evoke your own inner resources and your own innate ability to adapt when you want to reach a state of relaxation, calm, and be capable of managing stress.

10 ml and 20 ml bottle with dropper and guarantee seal.
10 ml bottle with spray dispenser

GUNA Bach Flowers are prepared by using mother essences:

  • of top quality
  • coming from the original places in Great Britain (UK)
  • certified by the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP)
  • obtained strictly according to Dr. Bach’s Traditional Method and original instructions
  • prepared with organic brandy.

GUNA Bach Flowers are:

  • in a stock concentration according to Dr. Bach’soriginal instructions
  • in a solution of organic brandy and water with characteristics similar to those of biological water
  • provided with a dropper with guarantee seal.