Guna history

Founded in 1983, GUNA S.p.a. is the leading Italian company in the production and distribution of homeopathic, low dose and biological medicines, with a domestic market share of 25%, and a turnover of over 57 million Euros (for the year ending 12/31/2013).

The company’s success is due to the production of an innovative series of high quality medicines designed and developed by GUNA Laboratories, as well as to the distribution of a wide range of medicines and food supplements of some of the most prestigious foreign companies (Heel, Staufen Pharma, Abbé Chaupitre, Symbiopharm, Labo’Life). The company also produces cutting-edge and sophisticatedly designed medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Some of them are also based on the innovative stem cell research. 

The company is based in via Palmanova 71 in Milan, next to the amazing production plant, via Palmanova 69, opened in September 2008 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company: it is considered one of the most innovative plant in the world for scientific research and production of biological medicinal products. The company has another production facility in Milan for the production of Bach Flowers.

In addition to the activity of production and marketing, GUNA organizes an intensive program of cultural updating for doctors in many Italian cities, aimed at the diffusion of biological medicine, allocating a substantial budget to research and development and supporting associations devoted to training doctors and pharmacists.
By cooperating with several Universities and Associations of Medical Doctors, GUNA organized hundreds of educational events (including seminars and e-learning courses) each year for physicians, vets and pharmacists.
Furthermore GUNA Editore, which is GUNA’s publishing branch, publishes since 1983 “La Medicina Biologica” (Biological Medicine), the eminent scientific journal, along with several medical texts hitherto unpublished in Italy. GUNA Editore also publishes a specialist journal in English, “Physiological Regulating Medicine”.

GUNA carries out an intense activity abroad: GUNA’s products are sold in over 40 countries with exclusive distributors. In 2005 GUNA founded its American subsidiary in order to spread the GUNA Method and its innovative low-dose medicines and food supplements in the USA. Up to now GUNA has successfully listed more than 70 products with the FDA. 

Moreover, GUNA has always been committed against every form of monopoly of vital and necessary goods, with special focus on the pharmaceutical sector, where the patent remains the main instrument to protect investment in the field of research, to such an extent that corporate interests often have the control of the common interests of public health.

As evidence of its commitment, all the procedures of patent protection of industrial products and processes have been eliminated from the entire production range. Furthermore, all editorial publications are copyleft (free circulation is allowed without prior authorization, with acknowledgment of source).
GUNA is aware that the ultimate goal of a company is to do business, and recognizes itself in this model without hypocrisy, but is also convinced that the pursuit of profit cannot and should not be separated from the ethical and social objectives, and that the business can have a human face.
GUNA perceives and collects various types of responsibility by investing in scientific research, employment, technological innovation, and the welfare of its employees and its territory, so as to improve the level of general health of the countries where it operates, as well as to stimulate more conscious approaches to the concept of health and disease. For detailed information on the programs of corporate social responsibility, see “Our World” section

One of the objectives of GUNA is to stimulate any person to achieve one’s optimal health, without focusing only on symptoms, so as to keep the body in a well-balanced mental, physical and emotional condition, which is beneficial to fully activate one’s immune system.
The company, which now has about 260 employees (including 98 medical representatives), intends to intensify its work of cultural and scientific service.


1983, 3 March: GUNA was founded in Milan, Italy. A strong interest in complementary and alternative medicine expressed by the founders provided the impetus to create and provide natural treatment methods and products via GUNA and the GUNA Method.

1983, Summer: Foundation of the Italian Society of Homotoxicology.

1983, November: Introduction of the journal “La Medicina Biologica” into the Medical Community in Italy.

1989: GUNA establishes the first homeopathic laboratory recognized by the Italian Health Ministry.

1996: The Italian Academy of Biological Medicine is founded.

2001: International expansion towards Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc.).

2003: Expansion towards Central and South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, etc.).

2005: Expansion towards  the United States of America and foundation of GUNA INC. in September 2005. Through innovative ideas in Integrative Medicine based on the best of natural medical tradition, GUNA INC. provided new product ideas, new treatment concepts, and new protocols through medical education to health care professionals in the US.

2006: Besides complying with current Good Manufacturing Practices and with all FDA requirements, GUNA has been certified with ISO 9001  Quality Management System, including: “Research and Development, manufacturing, trading of homeopathic medicines, dietary and food supplements, cosmetic products and medical devices. Design, editing, publishing and trading of publications. Activities related to the organization of events.” (2009 and 2012 revisions – UNI EN ISO 9001:2008).

2007: GUNA successfully listed more than 70 products with the FDA. setting the standard for excellence and ethics in manufacturing and offering pure unadulterated biological products and leading the way to new medicine like low doses physiological medicines.

2008: Opening of the new manufacturing plant in Via Palmanova 69, Milan (Italy): Guna S.p.a. invests in new equipment and technology to achieve the best of quality, capability and efficiency. The new manufacturing site is authorized by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

2010: GUNA has also been certified with UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices-Quality Management System-Requirements for regulatory purposes including: “Manufacturing and trading of medical devices for injectable applications and for applications on the mucosa”. (2013 revision- UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012).

2013, March: Guna S.p.a. celebrates 30 years of activity and is ranked as the top Italian company in the production and distribution of homeopathic, low dose and biological medicines.

2013: Successful routine inspection from the Italian Medicines Agency (A.I.FA) to the manufacturing plant.

2014: Successful inspection of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the manufacturing plant and labs, including the production line dedicated to the injectable sterile medicinal products.

2014: The Notified Body, National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), authorizes the production of medical devices – class III – injectable solution.