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The International Academy of Physiological Regulating Medicine has introduced the PRM e-learning course to promote access to training in the field of Physiological Regulating Medicine for all of the doctors throughout the world, without space and time limits.
By joining our PRM e-learning course you will learn the methodological principles of Physiological Regulating Medicine and you can understand the new therapeutic directions for PRM; the studies and, above all, the clinical experiences that scientists and doctors throughout the world have developed over 15 years will be made available to you, and you will learn how to treat your patients in an effective way without side effects.



The course is designed in a modular fashion.
Each student can:

  • follow the complete basic course (10 lessons) and become a specialist in Physiological Regulating Medicine
  • attend the entire PRM e-learning course -20 lessons- (basic course + advanced course) and obtain the title of master in PRM
  • “build” his/her own personal path by choosing the modules most akin to his/her own specialization and thus achieve the title of expert in…(for example: Pain Management or Otolaryngology, etc.)



Each module consists of a video-lesson and various educational learning materials (learning objects)
You can log in to the basic course immediately.
The advanced course will instead be available online starting in October 2010.
The style of the course is very practical, clinical, and applicative.
In the clinical lessons dedicated to the different branches of specialization, you will virtually be brought into a doctor’s office and you can directly assist in the management of clinical cases and, as with the lessons dedicated to aesthetic medicine or pain management, you can learn some operational techniques live.
You will be provided very up-to-date therapeutic protocols and you can share your clinical experiences with other colleagues in the community forum.



The PRM e-learning course is reserved for MDs and licensed healthcare professionals only.



Basic Course

Lesson 1

  • Introduction
  • Methodological Premises
  • Research in Physiological Regulating Medicine

Lesson 2

  • Bases of Low Dose Medicine
  • Principles of P.R.M. Pharmacology

Lesson 3

  • Principles of P.N.E.I. (Psycho-Neuro- Endocrine- Immunology)
  • P.R.M. Low Dose Pharmacology

Lesson 4

  • P.R.M. Therapeutic Strategy

Lesson 5

  • P.R.M. in Pain Management

Lesson 6

  • P.R.M. in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Homeo-Mesotherapy Techniques

Lesson 7

  • P.R.M. in Otolaryngology

Lesson 8

  • P.R.M. in Immunology (part 1)

Lesson 9

  • P.R.M. in Immunology (part 2)

Lesson 10

  • P.R.M. in Endocrinology


Advanced Course (available starting in Autumn 2010)

Lesson 11

  • P.R.M. in Gastroenterology

Lesson 12

  • P.R.M. in Anti-Aging and Wellness

Lesson 13

  • P.R.M. in Pediatrics

Lesson 14

  • P.R.M. in Geriatrics

Lesson 15

  • P.R.M. in Gynecology

Lesson 16

  • P.R.M. in Oncology

Lesson 17

  • P.R.M. in Dermatology

Lesson 18

  • P.R.M. in Neurology and Psychiatry

Lesson 19

  • P.R.M. in Urology and Nephrology

Lesson 20

  • P.R.M. in Allergology



For each lesson, the starting point of your learning process consists of viewing the video lesson. The average length of each video lesson is approximately 30 minutes. During the video lesson, the teacher explains the themes that are the subject of the lesson using slides and video clips.
You can stop the video, rewind, or fast-forward by clicking on the buttons at the bottom part of the video lesson screen. You can review the video lesson as often as you like.
Other teaching tools are available to the student in addition to the video lesson:

All of the educational material for the e-learning course is continuously updated. By enrolling in the course, you will have the latest updated version upon every access to the e-learning platform.
To get an idea of the video lessons, access this brief demo (2 minutes).



Every lesson is accompanied by a learning assessment quiz with multiple choice questions. This is a SELF assessment test, useful for the student to check his/her level of learning.
Passing the test is not a prerequisite for access to other lessons in the course.



You will be constantly assisted during your learning process by the tutoring and coaching activity of the Scientific Committee of the International Academy for Physiological Regulating Medicine.
All of your questions regarding the topics covered in the course’s lessons will have a timely response. Just send an e-mail to tutoring@prmacademy.org and you will receive the answer to your question within just a few days.



Register by simply filling out the form (click here) with the required data.
You can thus access the page in which the 10 lessons of the basic course are proposed.
Select “complete basic course” or select the lessons that interest you (remember that the first 4 lessons are mandatory).
Proceed with the payment.
At this point you have access to your personal PRM e-learning course. Enjoy!



Each lesson costs $60.00
The entire basic course (10 lessons) costs $450.00
The basic course + advanced course (10+10 lessons) costs $900.00
Payment can be made with a credit card