Women’s Wellness

Physiological Nutraceuticals/Women’s Wellness


The delicate balance of the female organism, due to special nutritional needs, may involve altered physiological wellness.

GUNA Research has developed a number of unique formulations of nutritional supplements specifically designed to balance women’s well-being, using natural, active, effective ingredients without side effects, in compliance with the physiological conditions of the female organism.

Profem plus

Food supplement with microencapsulated Probiotics andprebiotic fibre (FOS), with Pueraria lobata, Soy, Red clover, Vitex, Griffonia, Green tea, Bifidobacterium lactis Bb1, naturally rich in Zinc. For well-being in menopause. • With steviol glycosides (STEVIA) • Lactose free Nutrition facts   For more information concerning the product, please refer to the…

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Food supplement with Iron, Copper and Vitamin C, with dry Baobab fruit pulp. Iron is an essential mineral to keep the body healthy. Its deficiency is the most widespread mineral deficiency in the human species: unbalanced diets and intense sporting activity can worsen it, while some physiological conditions (pregnancy, breastfeeding,…

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Profos™ is a prebiotic and nutraceutical food supplement for the wellness of the intestine, the joints, and the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and prebiotic fibre in a synergistic formulation, providing complete and balanced supplementation of nutrients, minerals and plants necessary to help joint function, and bone strength…

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