Physiological Nutraceuticals


Physiological Nutraceuticals

Healthy eating is a key element for the body’s homeostasis and it is well-known that the production processes of the modern food industry do not often ensure sufficiently balanced intake of the different essential nutrients to maintain and regulate our body’s wellness. Minor disorders may indeed be signs of an unbalanced diet.

Over the last decade more and more in-depth knowledge on the physiological and nutritional fields has led to an innovative approach: PHYSIOLOGICAL NUTRACEUTICALS.

GUNA Research has developed this new method based on the principles of quality, vitality, respect of human physiology, safety and customization, designing effective and safe food supplements whose exclusive formulas are supported by clinical evidence.

GUNA Physiological Nutraceuticals primarily acts on the gastrointestinal System, because the latter performs a great number of essential bodily functions, such as the absorption of nutrients and water and the regulation of the internal defense “barrier”, helping the organism to effectively restore and maintain its original homeostasis.