Low dose medicine in paediatrics

Pubblicato il: 17 Feb 2012

GUNA’s Physiological Regulating Medicine became a course at the University of Parma.

“Low Dose Medicine in Paediatrics” course which is sponsored by SIPPS (Italian Association of Preventive and Social Pediatrics), (Academy of Biological Medicine) and A.I.O.T. (Associazione Medica di Omotossicologia – Italian Medical Association of Homotoxicology) refers extremely current topics in the field of Paediatrics such as:

·      Principles and fundamentals of Low Dose Medicine

·      Allergology and Dermatology

·      Otolaryngology and Pneumology

·      Endocrinology and Auxology

·      Infectious diseases:

·      Gastroneterology and Nephrology

·      Clinical Immunology

·      Autoimmune diseases

·      Rheumatology

·      Child Neuropsychiatry