From Creative Italian Pharmaceutical Research, an Innovative Approach to Nutrition and Health

Pre-clinical and clinical research studies

From the dream of a person-centered Medicine in harmony with Nature, from a visionary idea of innovative, effective and safe products, from the project of a Company founded on solid ethical principles and devoted to research, GUNA was established in Milan in 1983. Today, GUNA is the leading Italian Company in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals of natural and biological origin, boasting 25% of domestic market share and a global turnover of 65 million Euro in 2015. GUNA has almost 250 employees, a Subsidiary in the USA and export activities in over 30 Countries.

GUNA’s core business is the production of innovative, top-quality products, designed and developed by GUNA Laboratories and intensively promoted through professional educational activities, medical information and research. In addition to pharmaceuticals, GUNA produces a range of collagen-based Medical Devices and a range of Bach Flowers. Moreover, GUNA Laboratories have designed a wide range of cutting-edge food supplements and cosmetics, which are produced by the most renowned Italian contract manufacturers. The Company’s success is due to the constant engagement in clinical research, medical information and education, aimed at spreading GUNA’s original therapeutic concepts and proposals in Italy and abroad.

Over the past fifteen years, considerable resources have been invested in the field of nutrition and dietary supplementation. As a result, GUNA Laboratories have developed an innovative range of food supplements, collectively defined as “Physiological Nutraceuticals”. In other words, “Nutrition that follows the logic of Nature and human physiology”. Indeed, health cannot be achieved without an appropriate nutrition. It is well known that minor health problems may actually be caused by an unbalanced diet, as modern food processing often do not provide in the foodstuffs a sufficiently balanced intake of different nutrients which are essential to maintain and regulate the wellbeing of our body.

Thanks to the research based on the concept of “Physiological Nutraceuticals”, GUNA Laboratories have developed a range of specific, balanced and highly effective dietary supplements that help overcome these deficiencies, by providing a well-balanced intake of nutrients. The exclusive formulas, supported by clinical evidence, favour the control of physiological functions and the regulation of the metabolic circuits that underlie health. That is why Physiological Nutraceuticals represent the most modern expression of nutritional science.

The Unique Features of Physiological Nutraceuticals

  • Quality of raw materials and innovative production processes ensure the best nutritional properties and highest bio-availability of the active ingredients.
  • Expertise is the basis of GUNA’s success in the nutraceutical field. Studies of Molecular Biology applied to Phytotherapy and studies on Biological Chemistry applied to nutrition have led GUNA to identify the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of each component.
  • Basic and clinical research studies have been conducted on the single ingredients and on the finished products, proving their excellent safety profile, palatability, compliance, tolerance and effectiveness. Some of these clinical studies have been published on prestigious Italian and international medical journals.
  • Efficacy is due to the careful selection and combination of ingredients according to the principles of synergy and complementary action, which allows a higher effectiveness compared to other products with similar indications.
  • Safe use and absence of side effects is proven by rigorous laboratory tests as well as the clinical experience developed in over a decade. Many GUNA food supplements are gluten-free, allergen-free, lactose-free. They are all GMO-free.

The Ideal Support for a Cutting-Edge Medicine

Together with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, GUNA food supplements are useful to:

  • Overcome nutritional deficiencies that may potentially lead to the onset of pathological conditions.
  • Maintain body’s physiological balance and, therefore, wellness.
  • Slow down the ageing processes.
  • In case of pharmacological treatments, they can help to restore and keep an optimal state of health.

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research Studies

Since its founding, GUNA has always been devoted to scientific research and innovation. Over the past fifteen years, GUNA has invested significant financial and intellectual resources in studying a new concept of nutrition, which has led to the development of a range of cutting-edge food supplements. Pre-clinical and clinical research studies have been conducted to assess the quality and efficacy of GUNA nutraceutical products.

All articles and studies that have been published until today are now collected in the present volume.