Guna announces his & her remedies to promote sexual well-being

Pubblicato il: 02 Dec 2010


Guna Biotherapeutics announced two new medications, Guna Venus and Guna Mars, will now be marketed in the United States to men and women who want to increase their sexual health.

The medications are FDA listed and regulated and contain low doses of hormones, neuropeptides, and cytokines. Guna Venus is designed for women and Guna Mars for men.
Dr. Alessandro Perra, Scientific Director of Guna, said, “The synergic action of plants and mineral substances, glandular extracts, vitamins and trace elements present in Guna Mars and Guna Venus, with hormones and neuropeptides, all in homeopathic dilution, both support and enhance sexual function.”
Guna Mars is designed to treat lack of desire, decreased arousal, and the inability to maintain an erection. Guna Venus is designed to treat lack of desire, decreased arousal, discomfort during sex and vaginal dryness.
Dr. Jacquelyn Lockhart, a who practices physical and rehabilitative medicine in Farmington Hills, MI., uses Guna products and says, “the Guna products, including Guna Venus and Guna Mars, rebalance the individual so instead of working for just 24 hours or a few days, its going to work for a long time.” 
“Guna products always work that way so for sexual well-being, that’s what you want. You don’t want a short term fix, you want to treat the problem.”

Clinical single blind, randomized, and controlled trials of both drugs were conducted. Men given a placebo reported a 4.9 percent increase in sexual satisfaction while men taking Guna Mars, reported a 33.3 percent increase. Women given the placebo reported a 5.6 percent increase and those on Guna Venus, 62.3 percent.
There are no known side effects, but the company advises all prospective users to check with their doctors before starting any new medications. For more product information go to
Studies have shown that 19 percent of women of child bearing age and 40 percent of women going through menopause have some type of sexual disorders. Thirty-three percent of healthy men have disorders, with 14 percent reporting erectile dysfunction.
Guna Biotherapeutics is the U.S. subsidiary of Guna S.p.a., which is based in Milan, Italy. It is one of the world’s leading developers of homeopathic medicines and a household name in Italy.