Footon-servetto – the youngest pro-tour cycling team- chose guna products for the cycle races

Pubblicato il: 27 Sep 2010


Dear partners,
We are happy to share with you that “FOOTON-SERVETTO” – the youngest pro-tour cycling team- chose Guna products for the cycle races.

The team chose to use Guna food supplements such as: Son FormulaTM, Guna-Brain, Colostro-Noni, Ferroguna, Vit FormulaTM, ProfloraTM to optimize their performances and Tamanu-ArnicaTM as the first-aid cream against skin ailments. 

Son FormulaTM: dietary protein substitute, without nitrogenous waste (99% NNU), optimizes muscle mass, strength and endurance during physical activity. Son FormulaTM provides a faster and more effective muscle recovery after physical activity.

Guna-Brain: rich anti-oxidant supplement, controls the hyper-oxidation mechanisms of muscles and brain.

Colostro-Noni: food supplement, enhances the physical performance and the fatigue resistance.

Ferroguna: food supplement, improves the bioavailability of iron.

Vit FormulaTM: vitamins, minerals and trace elements complex, supports the nutritional needs of the body.

ProfloraTM: probiotic supplement, prevents the bowel problems and the intestinal infections due to the presence of 6 exclusive probiotics belonging to bifidobacterium and lactobacillus strains.

The team also used Tamanu-ArnicaTM, herbal extract cream for external local treatment of skin abrasions, inflammation, irritation, infections and injuries during the tour lengths.