• Category: Dermocosmetics
  • Dermocosmetic cream for external use

Tamanu arnica™ is a soothing and emollient cream with plant extracts for very dry skin. It can be applied after exposure to sun, wind and cold, giving the skin a sense of relief and wellbeing. 

Key ingredients

Arnica montana flower extract: renowned for its beneficial action after injuries of various origin.

Calendula officinalis flower extract: renowned for its soothing properties.

Nymphea alba flower extract: with well known capabilities of repairing skin damage.

Tamanu (Caulophyllum tacamahaca) oil: has outstanding soothing softening, protective properties and supports the repair processes of the skin.

Ghardenia thaitensis flower extract: it is the emblem of Tahiti and it is considered as the flower of beauty par excellence, has been used for centuries for very dry and chapped skin.