To improve mobility of the cervical region of the spine; help cervical muscle stretching; support cervical muscle structures; support cervical muscle structures in cases of bad posture; relieve pain of the cervical spine while moving.

  • Category: Medical devices
  • Product ID: 304

Intended Use:

MD-NECK is a medical device finalized to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

• aging

• bad posture

• concomitant chronic diseases

• blows and injuries

• pollutants.


MD-NECK is a medical device finalized to help neck movement, specifically the cervical area of the vertebral spine. Its main therapeutic functions include:

1. A barrier effect.

2. A lubricating activity.

3. A mechanical support while administering other pharmacological treatments.


MD-NECK is a medical device intended to be used by a qualified staff in private or public health facilities to:

_ Improve the movement of the cervical tract of the spine.

_ Help cervical muscle stretching.

_ Help to support cervical muscle tissue.

_ Help to support cervical muscle tissue in bad posture disorders.

_ Soothe pain in cervical column movements.


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