For the temporary relief of symptoms due to viral infection such as upper respiratory congestion, sore throat, cold sores.

  • Category: Low dose medicines


Active ingredients & Purposes:

Beta endorphin 4C_____Pain Reliever

Blood 4C_____Immune Support

Interferon gamma 3C_____Immune Support

Interleukin 2 5C_____Immune Support

Life everlasting 3X_____Cold Sores

Ling Chin mushroom 8X_____Immune Support

Lymphatic gland 4C, 7C_____Immune Support

Melatonin 4C, 15C_____Antioxidant

Rice 3X_____Immune Support

Serotonin 6X_____Neurotransmitter

Soybean 3X_____Antioxidant

Spleen 4C_____Immune Support

Turkey tail 8X_____Antioxidant