PROFEM, from nature, a unique and complete formulation specific for the well-being of women in menopause.

  • Category: Food Supplements
  • 20 sachets of 4,8 gr

Profem contains 6 exclusive probiotic strains in a in a gastro-protected and micro-incapsulated form, with prebotic fibre that supports the intestinal flora balance. Enriched with natural ingredients helping counteracting the symptoms linked to menopause disorders.

Profem  active ingredients

Probiotic strains with prebiotic fibre: helps rebalance the whole intestinal flora.

Soy and clover extracts: help counteracting menopausal disorders.

Pueraria lobara (kudzu): helps regulating the blood pressure.

Green tea extract: due to its antioxidant properties,  it is useful for rebalancing the body weight.

Melatonin: contributes to the reduction of time taken to fall asleep. The beneficial affect is obtained by consuming 1mg of melatonin close to bedtime.

Why is Profemunique 

  • Three synergistic “nuclei” of action, effective and specific for:
    • reducing menopausal symptoms.
    • slowing down the aging process.
    • improving bowel function.
  • Three natural sources of selected, highly bioavailable isoflavones: Soy, Pueraria lobata, Trifolium pratense.
  • Unique enhanced symbiotic action to help the colonization of the different intestinal segments and the absorption of isoflavones.
  • Helps counteract weight gain and water retention thanks to the extract of green tea.
  • Helps rebalancing of neuroendocrine circuits thanks to the presence of melatonin.
  • Helpful against coliform bacteria thanks to lactobacillus rhamnosus lr06 and lactobacillusplantarum lp02.
  • Enhaced absorption of calcium and magnesium thanks to the presence of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).
  • One daily intake.
  • One sachet of Profem™ ensures an intake of no less than 2 billion microencapsulated and gastroprotected active probiotics. The viability of its probiotic strains is guaranteed until the expiry date indicated on the label.