An effective support to the respiratory tract of adults, elderly people and smokers.

  • Category: Food Supplements
  • Gluten Free

Omeotoxnoni is a food supplement with plant extracts including Noni, and Propolis, for maintaining the health of the respiratory system.

Omeotoxnoni active ingredients

Yellow startwort, Corn poppy, Common mallow and Cowslip are useful to make bronchial secretions fluid. 

Maidenhair fern, Curry bush and Licorice contribute to the wellbeing of nose and throat. 

Great valley gumweed, Round-leaf sundew and English plantain exert an emollient and soothing action.

Morinda citirfolia (Noni) has been used throughout the centuries by south-pacific populations due to its stimulating and anti-bacterial properties

  • Gluten-free
  • No added sugars