Natural defense against intestinal parasites.

  • Category: Food Supplements
  • 30 x 4.2 g sachets

Gunaelmint is a food supplement with myrrh, pumpkin seeds and turmeric extracts. Myrrh supports the digestive system function, pumpkin seed is useful o the function of the urinary tract and turmeric helps the hepatic function.

Gunaelmint is useful as a supportive treatment to counteract intestinal parasitic infestation as it helps to eliminate Helminths and  prevents re-infestation. Due to its special natural synergy, Gunaelmint acts on the whole life cycle of parasites.

Gunaelmint  active ingredients

Pumpkin seeds and Turmeric: sreate an intestinal environment that is unfavorable to the onset and development of Helminths, support and helps the body’s immune response.

Turmeric: helps detoxify the bowel and the body, counteracts the onset of helminths.

Why is Gunaelmint unique

  • Maximum natural synergistic activity, ensuring:
    • broad spectrum of action
    • support to the immune system
    • detoxifies the bowel
  • Maximum safety
  • Toxic to worms but harmless to humans
  • High compliance and pleasant taste
  • Gluten and lactose free 
  • It is not contraindicated in children, pregnancy or breast-feeding