For the temporary relief of symptoms of venous congestion and stasis such as: swollen legs, cold feet.

  • Category: Low dose medicines


Active ingredients & Purposes:

Aconitum napellus 10X_____Anti-inflammatory

Aesculus hippocastanum 3X_____Circulatory Support

Ananassa 3X_____Immune Support

Apis mellifica 10X_____Lymphatic Circulatory Support

Arnica montana 10X_____Anti-inflammatory

Arsenicum album 12X_____Anti-aging

Artery 4C_____Circulatory Support

Belladonna 10X_____Anti-inflammatory

Calcarea fluorica 8X_____Immune Support

Cinchona officinalis 10X_____Vascular Tone Support

Ferrum metallicum 10X_____Connective Tissue Support

Hamamelis 3X_____Vascular Tone Support

Hydrocotyle 3X_____Vascular Support

Lachesis 10X_____Vascular Support

Lymphatic vessel 7C_____Lymphatic Circulatory Support

Mercurius solubilis 10X_____Anti-inflammatory

Mountain cranberry, Bark 3X_____Detoxification

Pulsatilla 10X_____Decongestant

Vein 4C_____Vascular Support

Viscum album 3X_____Immune Support