For the temporary relief of general skin aging symptoms due to environmental exposure to wind, sun and pollution such as: excess wrinkles, poor skin tone, dry leathery skin.

  • Category: Low dose medicines


Active ingredients & Purposes:

Alpha tocopherol 4C_____Antioxidant

Brown algae, Laminaria 4C_____Detoxification and Drainage

Brown algae, Platycarpus 4C_____Detoxification and Drainage

Brown algae, Serratus 4C_____Detoxification and Drainage

Capillary tissue 4C_____Blood Flow Support

Coenzyme Q-10 4C_____Antioxidant

Collagen 4C_____Eutrophic Action

Fucus vesiculosus 4C_____Detoxification

Isoleucine 4C_____Dermis Protein Metabolic Support

Knotted wrack 4C_____Skin Tone Support

Leucine 4C_____Dermis Protein Metabolic Support

Placenta totalis 4C_____Vascular Stimulation

Retinol 4C_____Antioxidant

Sea lettuce 4C_____Skin Tone

Selenium metallicum 4C__________Cell Metabolic Support

Skin tissue 4C_____Eutrophic Support