The production unit is authorized in accordance with international GMP standards. The production, control and storage of products take place in controlled particle contamination rooms, according to the strictest international standards.

As regards homeopathic medicinal products, the production starts from the mother tincture, a special macerate that can be obtained from plants, buds, biochemical compounds or biological substances, according to the ancient preparation procedures of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

The mother tincture is gradually and constantly diluted under a laminar flow hood in class 100, usually using a water-alcohol solution as a solvent.

At each dilution a dynamization procedure is performed, i.e., one vertical shaking that transmits physical-chemical specifications to the solution. The activation process is standardized through the use of the SKA method, designed and developed by our researchers.

This technique ensures a full bioavailability of the active ingredients and improves their therapeutic properties.

Guna produces granules, globules and drops for oral use, as well as injectable ampoules and ointments.

The production line is fully automated and produces both mono- and multi-component remedies.

All the qualitative, quantitative and microbiological controls required by the regulations on medicaments are carried out at the well-equipped production site. Guna, in an ideal synthesis between tradition and modernity, uses the most advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs in the production of its medicines, to give doctors and patients more and more effective medicaments without side effects, in compliance with the human being’s uniqueness.