Code of ethics

The values with which we identify: our “company DNA”

GUNA recognizes its social responsibility as it is a company that looks to the future. We are well aware that the object of a company is to do business, and we acknowledge this aspect of our work without any hypocritical attempt to claim otherwise, but we are also convinced that profit-seeking cannot and must not be separated from our ethical and social goals, and that business can have a human face.

We believe that there can be a business model that makes the shareholders’ interests compatible with the interests of the community, because where the community evolves and improves its standard of living, so too can the company reinforce its position and expand its activities. We can therefore say that the interests of the community coincide with the interests of the Guna shareholders.

As a business, we perceive that we have various kinds of responsibilities: we must invest in scientific research, in occupation, in technological innovation, in the well-being of our employees and of the territory in which we live, in improving the general health of the nations in which we operate, and in furthering a better-educated and more sensitive approach to the concepts of health and disease. The company has consequently changed and improved its strategies, fine tuning them in a socially responsible key, without this adding to the costs that its customers and patients have to pay. In our opinion, the economic burden of applying these principles cannot be “passed on” to the end user, it must be a price that the company itself is willing to pay.

We have also made some “important” decisions on the matter of patents and the protection of intellectual property (which includes the results of scientific research) by waiving any right to protection by means of patents or copyrights. For further details on this issue, the reader should see the brief comment on our No patent” manifesto. On the strength of advice from some of the most accredited Italian consultants in the sector, our company is preparing its first social and sustainability balance sheet, that aims both to summarize all the social actions promoted on various fronts over the past few years, and to clearly state what the company has committed itself to achieving in the near future.

Note: if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this Ethical Code we would be very pleased to hear from you! To contact us about these issues, you can write to [email protected].